TP.ATM30.PB801 TP.ATM30.PB818TP.ATM30.PB801 TP.ATM30.PB818

this TP.ATM30.PB801 TP.ATM30.PB818 9.0 Firmware download motherboard is quite old, but we have the latest Android software available in it. If you need its software. You can get the software by calling us Android logo problem some application proper not working, people get this problems in stuck and logo like Samsung and Sony logo come. For that you have to install software and software solves this problem. Software Android Version 9.0 software comes inside it If you want tp.atm30.pb801 and tp.atm30.pb818 the software of this motherboard then you can call me direct and get the software from me. In all of them, I also provide the software motherboard. Forward on mail this software TP.ATM30.PB801.

stuck on logo problem in this motherboard tp.atm30.pb801 If you also have such a problem, then first you have to use an original software to solve it. If you small the wrong software then your motherboard will shut down. Okay. For that you have to use the original software which the company provides. If you need software from me, I also provide software.

I share on mail id. And on Whatsapp also on Telegram you need some kind of software. I get it and all software is genuine. Okay. All these software are usb You don’t need any kind of programmer its also no need any Bootable Pendrive. easy to install software by using my Software and the most important thing its 9.0 android version software.

Direct Text me On whatsapp –

SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR CONTACT +918534891945 / +917017115841


TP.ATM30.PB801 TP.ATM30.PB818 9.0 Firmware download

SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR CONTACT +918534891945 +917017115841

this is my Whatsapp link send me problem video


You can mail or call our team. Those people will provide you the software as soon as possible. You need any kind of software. All software is available and all software is genuine. Works only once. No problem is created. Your LED is hanging till now for a few people. Any problem can be fixed with off software and you do not shut down your motherboard by downloading any software from anywhere. I will provide you above original. Now by installing that software, you can do your work easily.


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