Hello friends,this software for tp.ms358.pb802 Full hd and non hd software both software avialable on my website this is my site https://androidboardsoftware.com/

here is all type software like android smart motherboard software and universal motherboard software and also this is all pendrive software no need any type of programmer like rt809f/rt809h two type of emcc software available 4gb and 8gb pendrive tested genuine software if you want any type of software and pd here is all software any motherboard stuck on logo so use software otherwise program motherbord by rt809h and rt809f use pendrive software like bin files.

Two resolution firmware availabe tp.ms358.pb802 full hd 1920*1080 and 1366*768 if you want more files and software call me i will provide all software and firmware okay and genuine software software avilable This software is use for smart motherboard by using pendrive do not use virus pendrive and also first format pendrive then use software almost all motherboard problem is stuck on logo this problem only one solution use software/firmware.

TP.MS358.PB802 Ram Photo

This TP.MS358.PB802 motherboard 8gb ram emcc. and second board 4gb emcc you can visit my website get software.





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