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JVC T.HV510.81 Stuck on logo Firmware download

JVC T.HV510.81 Stuck on logo firmware download We will fix this problem today. First, copy the file to a pendrive, then plug in the USB and turn on the LED showing the software update.

JVC T.HV510.81: Stuck on logo software download?

This is t.hv510.81 4K Motherboard in Nikai and problem is stuck on logo in Impex and ATC/MTC Etc. this motherboard also work same remote and same logo also i will provide IR photo like Nikai Datsun and impex original remote work.same logo like Impex Nikai, everything is the same; there is no need to change anything but Install original otherwise, the motherboard will be red indicator mode.


JVC T.HV510.81 Stuck on logo Firmware downloadT.HV510.Firmware download


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