Sunday , 19 May 2024

Reconnect (RELEE4303) TV Stuck on logo

Reconnect (RELEE4303) TV Stuck on logo problem it has an update problem it does not go logo only Reconnect comes written it does not go ahead To fix this error we have to install firmware.

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lick here HERE software.

This is the model number of Reconnect TV, There are many model numbers of Reconnect , there is only one problem in all of them: red, blue, and green. Sometimes we see such a color, sometimes Reconnect does not go ahead of Logo and there are many other problems we have to face. See, to solve all these.

juc7.820.00237309 Firmware Download

We have put the pendrive inside it to copy our original software and install it, you can see that it is getting installed, ok, after installation, the welcome screen will appear, ok, you can see it in the next photo.

Now you can see that after installing the file, our TV is complete; it has started as before and there is no problem with it. Now all the applications will work well, and the speed of the TV will also be good. The advantages are that performance becomes very good, movies and music start working well, etc.

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