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How to Fix Koryo tv (KLE32DLCHN9S) stuck on logo screen

How to Fix Koryo tv  (KLE32DLCHN9S) Stuck on logo screen so call me here is all type of firmware and this is pendrive no need programmer also i will guide you how to install and everything  but don’t install wrong from any site downloaded because your tv will be dead you cant reintsall need to change motherboard but problem is stuck on logo and colour changing like red blue green this is also problem.

IF YOU WANT How to Fix Koryo tv (KLE32DLCHN9S) stuck on logo screen 

How to Fix Koryo tv (KLE32DLCHN9S) stuck on logo screen

How to Fix Koryo led (KLE32DLCHN9S) stuck on logo screen

Hello, buddies. If you have to install yours, you should always install a decent offer.

When you turn on the TV and only see the couriers, there is no further step; to resolve this issue, we will need to install software. This problem will not be resolved remotely unless we install the program. It’s not working. Even the rear-side buttons will not work. Unless we upgrade this, our problem will be resolved, and we will be able to watch television again.

How to Fix the tv restart problem 

Today, I’ll tell you how to fix this  hang-on logo If a virus appears or fails to function properly, it restarts, the TV turns off and on, and no further process occurs. To resolve this issue, we will install software. 

How to Fix Koryo tv (KLE32DLCHN9S) stuck on logo screen and nothing showing

There is no need to change the motherboard on a regular basis, as I am only addressing a minor issue. If someone informs you that you need to replace your motherboard, you should first update and test the update file  before deciding whether or not to replace it. Do you want to do it or not? But according to me, you should not change the motherboard.

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