Hi, frnds today I have desired you a China android 4K Smart-board . This is a decent brilliant board. We are completely tried on this board. Therefore, it is a brilliant and great board programming. So you can utilize it for nothing also. . here from free download can do. what’s more, effectively China android Smart-board Software for nothing download. . it is a decent board firmware for Smart WIFI Network board is accessible here. China android 4K Smart-board stage. supplications look over the page down the base catch on a single Click only a single tick the download button. extremely amazing Smart-board firmware free download board for Smart HD Resolution 3840×2160 has. Shrewd WIFI Network android Driver board Software.

board information

motherboard: CV338H-T42

board: 4K Smart android UHD China board

chipset: CV338H-T42

Operating system android: 4.4

board Resolution: 3840×2160

Rom 4GB/8GB

board Ram: 1GB

HDMI 3_HDMI 1.4 1_HDMI 2.0_2

USB Ports/USB2.0_2


+918534891945 +917017115841

Software for whatsapp- https://wa.me/8534891945

Software Free Download. this is a general and Smart WIFI Network China LED TV LCD board RAM 512_MB/DDR. Rom 4_GB/EMMC. fundamental board. board Resolution 1366×768 HD.

Step by step instructions to Download

Here is accessible all inclusive Software

_1366x768_512/m_4GB_China IR. document

Download this Firmware here on free is accessible.

China general android board and WIFI Smart Network board for China all inclusive board Resolution has. also, full HD android all inclusive board Resolution 1920×1080 has. what’s more, completely free programming get can do here from. what’s more, a Smart general android China board.this is LED LCD TV and that’s just the beginning. what’s more, effectively free download can do you. base just a single Click the download button for programming . what’s more, more Software/ than here from. download here and call me.

do not use any fake software and wrong software if you use wrong software your motherboard emcc mismatch then you want use programmer

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