CV338H-A42 is reguler using board its working good and all application working like mirror cast, wi-fi, android application, hotstar, netflix, two type resolution available full hd and non hd its a pendrive firmware.

board information

Motherboard: CV338H-A42

board: 4K Smart android UHD China board

principle chipset: CV338H-A42

Operating system android: 4.4

board Resolution: FHD-NHD

Rom 4GB/8GB

board Ram: 1GB

HDMI 3_HDMI 1.4 1_HDMI 2.0_2

USB Ports/USB2.0_2



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512 DDR 4 g

Bolster rearranged or positive screen (direct access to transport 2580 modification)

Bundle :


1: we have tried the products before conveyance, and there will be no quality issues. Because of the issues brought about by the wet and static coordinations, we can check and fix or supplant them in time.

2: the shading isn’t balanced: as indicated by the SERVICE menu, press 1147 to enter the production line mode, enter the general setting, alter LVDS MAP (TI mode), which impact is a great idea to pick which.

3: transformed screen modification: so as to enter the manufacturing plant mode by menu 1147, select the screen boundary setting, open or close the reversed screen.

The screen line picture and sensible board position ought to be given to compose great projects, give programming and expert specialized help. smart service is here for any help

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